Calligraphic fonts have been popular in the design world for a long time. But we don’t see hand-lettered calligraphy nearly as often, outside of wedding invitations.

Hand-lettered calligraphy is beautiful and has an organic feel to it that’s often lacking in digital designs.

Even hand-lettering or sketching your designs prior to digitizing them can add a whole new warmth and style to your finished work.

Below are some beautiful calligraphic works of art, all of which at least started out with pen (or pencil) and paper.

I Love Paris

I Love Paris Calligraphy

Love Calligraphy

Love Calligraphy

Silence of Gods

Silence of Gods

Don't Let It Break Your Heart


Just Be Happy

Just Be Happy Calligraphy

Do What You Do Best

Do What You Do Best Calligraphy



Always In My Mind

Always in My Mind Calligraphy

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday Calligraphy


Friday Calligraphy

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